Know Your Climate

When it comes to the world’s climate, we are running out of time. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports that our planet have only until 2030 to avoid irreversible damage to our ecosystems. How could we nudge people to take action on climate change to support the needs of both present and future generations?

Inspired by this goal, Know Your Climate is a weather app that helps you make better sense of climate change.

Timeline – The timeline allows audience to see the impact of climate change through navigating back to the past or into the future by scrolling left or right.

Temperature – The change in gradient represents temperature change over the years; the higher the temperature, the more saturated the gradient becomes. The growing intensity that is the red illustrates rising local temperatures.

Sea Level – Changes in sea level is depicted through animations of moving waters accompanied by sounds of the ocean.

Rainfall – Changes in rainfall is represented by animations of raindrops combined with the sounds of rain.

With the constraints of having no text or numbers on the interface (except for dates), this brief encouraged imagination of how weather can be communicated beyond visuals (e.g., audio and haptics).