Clock Weather App

Climate change brings more extreme weather days to the country. With a rising aging population, there are higher chances that more elderly people might suffer from terrible weather and have less time in advance to prepare themselves for the weather changes.


Clock weather enables elderly alone at home to know the weather more easily. With clock-wise design, a simple drag or click interaction will show the exact weather forecast at a particular time on that day. When there’s extreme weather in the upcoming hours, there shows an emergency call icon and it allows users to directly call their families for help. It disappears when the extreme weather leaves. 


With the constraint of no text, this UX design focuses on the key interaction of knowing the weather for elderly. Visually, off-white color background and high contrast color enable people with vision decline to use it. Simple key interaction avoids complicated actions which require recalling information. 

Next steps:

  • User testing
  • Function exploration – tips for preparation, climate change information, location switch
  • Inclusiveness – target on larger group of audience or family-based audience which encourages more digital interactions in using the app (like “calling your son”)