Aether – Pollen + Weather App

Aether shows people with allergies a 3-day forecast of pollen conditions in their area in a responsive landscape.

This app attempts to create not just a metaphor but the feeling of experiencing sunny or rainy weather through the color scheme and environmental elements. CIID’s Biomimicry course and the changing seasons of Copenhagen provided great inspiration.

Users can navigate by tapping or swiping on different objects in the interface, which leans more in the direction of game design rather than UI, which tends to use more buttons. Although the responsive landscape was interesting and engaging, it was important to make the app useful to those who need it. Data visualisation needed to be baked into the interface so as to not look out of place. As part of the challenge of creating this app, limited text was allowed in the interface – this inspired the use of bars to indicate pollen intensity.

Some explorations of the concept are also included here. All prototypes were created in Origami.