Globalization has led to the mixing of different cultures in cities around the world. Misalignment happens due to different cultural perspectives, cultural expectations, assumptions, and priorities. This causes frustration and friction when diverse groups are trying to organize for a common goal.

Hive is a reactive facilitator that informs the participants about their behaviors. This enables the group to self mediate as Hive clearly visualises the time spoken by each participant, thus maintaining positive interactions by highlighting interruptions or a raise of tone through a playful atmosphere. By improving meeting dynamics, it is expected that decision making will be faster and a tighter bond will emerge within the group. The prototypes were developed with the idea of a reactive correction interaction loop.

Journey overview:

1: Tone tracking

2: Paper prototype

3: Reactive digital prototype

4: Co-creation

5: Turn based time spoken

6: Alert, warning interaction

7: Exploration on growth interaction in physical prototype

8: Final exploration