How much coffee do you usually need to feel awake and make it through the day?

Always being slightly tired and “running on coffee” has become the new normal. The simple reason is that people do not sleep enough. In the Western world, adults get on average 25% less sleep than recommended. As sleep deprivation has vast implications for our mental and physical health, the World Health Organisation has declared a sleep epidemic across developed nations.

A primary reason for sleep deprivation is procrastination: You have every good intention to go to bed on time, but once bedtime rolls around, you get caught up in digital media and don’t finish your day on time.

Circadi is a tamagochi-like companion who helps you to overcome your sleep procrastination to get 8 hours of high-quality sleep on a regular basis. In the evening, Circadi nudges you to lock away your phone and guides you through a non-digital, relaxing bedtime routine. In the morning, Circadi wakes you up and makes you aware of your sleep’s impact on your health and mood playfully and encouragingly.

The solution consists of two components:

  • A mobile app that lets you choose your routine and sends you subtle nudges to start your bedtime routine in the evening.
  • A mixed-reality box inspired by calm technology that allows you to lock away your phone, yet, interact with Circadi through a wooden touch display.