Fashion Diet

Sustainable fashion is a quality that many are trying to adopt.
However, it doesn’t come easy as when asked the question to
users about: why I buy? what I buy?where I buy? lead to the two
most distinctive attributes that arose in the research: habit of hoarding/accumulation and throwing away of clothes.This occurs because the shift towards mass production of cheap clothing is increasing by the minute and fast changing fashion is a massive problem.Eleven million garments end up in landfill each week.

Fashion diet is a service that motivates you to bring a behavioural change towards clothing consumption.This diet focuses on starting a movement.The Diet focuses on women who experiment with their clothing style and are conscious of their carbon footprint.The app intervenes on three touch points:

  • when you buy(new)
  • when you use(existing clothes)
  • when you end it(end-life of clothing)

People go on a fashion diet to consume less, to re-use existing clothes with simple methods of mix and match and customisation.It enables an individual to become aware of their clothing habits and bring a change by taking tiny steps in this direction of reduce, repair, reuse and recycle.