Cori – An interactive book about emotions for children

When asked “How was your day?”, children often answer “good”, “bad” or sometimes, “I don’t want to talk about it”. Small children don’t yet have the vocabulary to express complex emotions — so how can parents know if a ‘good’ day may also have a bit of ‘sad’ and ‘nervous’ layered under it?

That is why ‘Cori’, an interactive book to help children aged 6-8 to build emotional and communication skills, was created. With Cori children embark on an endearing journey to learn about different emotions. Through a range of fun activities, Cori guides them to express themselves better, and to reflect and take action on their emotions.

Cori also includes activities to engage parents, helping them keep track of their children’s emotional journey. Eventually, Cori helps children gain confidence and resilience in a world of continuous re-skilling.