Borderless Portal

Every year, more and more work teams are composed of people working from different cities. According to research, people usually have a harder time working with colleagues they never met face to face. It’s hard for people to empathize with their remote team members because they don’t share experiences; they only talk about work. This lack of empathy makes work collaboration harder when it is done remotely.

Borderless Portal reduces barriers between co-workers in different offices, improving informal communication and creating empathy. At first, Borderless Portal acts as a friend in common introducing two people. Then, the remote co-workers can choose to engage in many different activities, like playing AR ping pong, as if they were sharing the same office.

The Borderless Portal activities exist on a spectrum formed by the relationship level the coworkers have with one another; ranging from bad to neutral to good, and the desired level of engagement, which is dependent on the amount of time and coordination required by an activity.

Borderless Portal supports empathy-building by sparking conversations between coworkers and providing activities to support experience-sharing. It also provides ways for informal communication to happen between remote workers. The functional prototype was built using Processing with OpenCV, Unity with ARKit, and Spacebrew for network communication between different devices.