Sub-UV is a speculative design concept for the future of air travel. As we transition toward a globalized, nomadic lifestyle, we anticipate that concerns around the spread of germs and disease will increase. As a jumping-off point, we researched various infection-fighting processes already found in nature, from complex immune systems to the benefits of UV light exposure.

After a few days of research at the studio and in the field, we came up with a multilayer system that first uses sensors to analyze air quality to identify threats, then activates sub-UV lights to kill germs and microbes aboard.

  • How: 
  • Sensors analyze air quality and identify contaminants, then targeted sub UV sanitizes infected areas
  • Feedback is non-intrusive, passengers will not notice the system
  • Key focus points: 
  • UV light released only when threat is sensed
  • Takes advantage of readily available materials: ventilation and light systems
  • Uses small, convenient individual units: modular, upgrades, and easy maintenance 
  • Provides a safe amount of UV treatments (weight and proximity sensors)