Plenty is a shopping app that makes it possible for environmentally conscious consumers to reduce food wastage by conveniently locating ingredients that are about to reach their sell-by date at nearby supermarkets.

Through previous research the team identified that eco-conscious consumers in Copenhagen perceive food wastage created by supermarkets’ overstock as a problem. Some consumers strongly feel that ‘best-by’ or ‘sell-by’ labels are only indicative and that food that is past these dates is still perfectly good for consumption. They are happy to reduce food wastage by purchasing perishable ingredients that are about to expire and save money in the process.

The Plenty app allows users to set a maximum radius within which to search for perishable, about to expire ingredients available at a discounted price. The app introduces a changing selection of recipes based on the ingredients that are available, inspiring users to try new dishes.

The project’s focus was on learning and applying iOS platform standards, creating a coherent app architecture, wireframing and lastly introducing elements of visual design. The final deliverable was a click dummy prototype.