“Ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development”, is one of the targets established in the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations around the world.

That’s why Piczle was created as a way to support childhood literacy development. Piczle is a language app that helps parents with young kids to teach new vocabulary by showing interesting words’ pronunciation in a visually engaging way. Its logo looks like a person speaking, which represents “puzzle”, “pronunciation”, “practice” and “progress”.

In “Topic” view, It starts with topics that the kids have interests in. With more practices finished, it will generate more relevant topics using a machine learning algorithm. Every topic comes with a picture of different objects. When you click into one object, it provides pronunciation practices and correction of the word. The Puzzle is used as a metaphor. Whenever one word is finished practicing, it will give feedback like completing a puzzle.

In “Progress” view, parents can always check up the progress of how the kid is using the app and get dynamic suggestions from the backend data.

The UI demo is created by Sketch software.