GiveWell* is a donation app for electronic gadgets that connects donors with travelers in a more personal way, thereby empowering the unprivileged. The app was designed to provide an existing NGO additional visibility for its brand and to contribute to UN sustainable development goal SDG 1 “End poverty”.

Through the app donors are supported to make donations and travelers to carry a donation to a destination country. To make it a personal experience, the service connects donors with travelers for the pickup and arranges the local delivery through a charity organization for the traveler. The user experience is optimized to let the contributors focus on what matters by making the flow as short as possible. The NGO’s endorsement establishes a basic trust between them and relieves them from long form entries and scheduling efforts.

The project was completed in three days. The students learned the overall process and the methods of designing an app (from ideation, wireframes to click-dummy-prototype), iterating through design critique sessions and basic branding (logo, color schemes, typography).

*) Name resemblances are purely coincidental and absolutely unintended.