Floresta is a donation app that enables environmentally-conscious city dwellers to plant trees in deforested areas in developing countries. It achieves this by letting users choose where to plant the trees and visualizing the impact of the planted trees in a gamified way.

The project started with the objective of supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals of planting a tree. With this in mind, the team brainstormed different ways to achieve that goal and quickly ideated many concepts and wireframes before getting feedback and deciding on the final one. The team adopted an agile approach, in which the concept prototype was constantly tested and improved, with new features added iteratively.

One of the key interactions of the app happens in the Plant Tree screen, where the slider to increase the donation amount exhibit visually the replanted area. This gives the user direct visual feedback of their impact and it gives more context than just textually describing the planting of trees.

The app starting screen gives the donor an overview of his impact, both in terms of the total number of trees planted with the user’s donations and in the total amount of CO2 that his trees have absorbed. This number is then converted into the equivalent kilometres driven by an average car in the EU, so that the user can better sense the positive impact of their trees.

The app also awards badges to the user, to reward positive behaviours. For example, a first-timer badge is awarded after the user makes her first donation. Subsequent badges are awarded when the user achieves a certain total number of trees planted. These badges are visible from the initial screen and can be further inspected by the user.

While the visual design was not the core goal of this one-week course, the team took extensive care to craft a visually appealing experience for the user.