Ubaldo Andrea Desiato

Nationality: Italian
Area of Expertise: Product design

Andrea’s interest for interaction design comes from the union of his two main passions: technology and design. Since he was a child, he was curious and eager to know about how things work. He also grew up with the desire to create and build things with his own hands so he chose to graduate in product design from the Polytechnic University of Turin. During university he learned about the human-centred design method, designing each project based on people’s real needs while bringing into the project his interest for science and technology. During the last year of university he did an internship in the European Research Center CETMA and then his thesis developed – with CETMA and the historical brand Olivetti – a new concept of cash register equipped with a gesture interface which could manage home automation of the store. What he has understood over these years is that nowadays we are going from physical products to intangible services. Even physical products are no more only physical but they own a digital part that connects products and services. Currently, he is very interested in the paradigm change of us needing to understand machines in order to use them versus machines trying to understand our needs and acting accordingly.