Surojit Dey

Nationality: Indian
Area of Expertise: User Experience Design, Visual Design, Mixed Reality and Tangible media

Surojit is a multidisciplinary designer from India with a special interest in the relationship between humans and technology. He is involved in designing interactive products for the users of the present world and the future. Design thinking is a fundamental tool for him when it comes to understanding and addressing a problem. His work includes creative applications of trainable user interfaces, augmented and virtual reality, machine learning, physical computing, IOT, Arduino and Processing environments. Before heading down the path of design, he studied mechanical engineering which helps him extensively in the process of physical prototyping and fabrication. Experimentation and prototyping have always been a big part of his work. He completed his Masters in Industrial Design in 2017, where he explored the application of TUIs and augmented reality. His work in the domain of production lines and school education have been published in conference papers and journals. His Masters’ thesis was based on developing a device which could create 3D virtual volumes to generate tactile experiences in mid-air along with virtual projections. When not designing, he is out somewhere in the world with his bike, sketchbook and ukulele.