Shalin Shah

Nationality: Indian
Expertise: Design Research and Cognitive Psychology

Shalin is a design researcher and strategist with a background in Engineering and Cognitive Psychology. He is interested in the intersections that emerge between behavioural science and design – and between the tangible and the intangible. Over the years, Shalin has worked on multiple product and service design projects including rural economy, fintech, retail, as well as disruptive innovation for the bottom of the pyramid. He is most excited by projects that can truly impact people’s lives and experiences. Given his engineering background, Shalin has maintained a keen interest in how technological advances are playing an important role in design; especially sensors and motors, machine learning, and gesture recognition. He is interested in using emerging technologies to design more meaningful interactions and experiences for people, especially in the developing world. He is especially keen to work in areas like education, health, science communication as well as interactive public spaces. At CIID, he is looking to develop his skills in prototyping and development using Arduino, Processing and other tools.