Raphael Katz

Nationality: Canada / UK
Areas of expertise: Digital Marketing, Creative Direction, User Experience

Raphael is a designer, photographer, and entrepreneur. He’s impassioned about innovation and bringing new ideas to life.

Particularly interested in connectivity, Raphael co-founded Budgie. in 2014—a social travel app that unites travellers from around the world. The app was given a grant by Vancouver’s YOUTH MEANS BUSINESS program, a local incubator.

From an early age, Raphael has been taking pictures and making movies. His latest photo project showed in a street photography exhibit in Toronto. Recently he directed a documentary short about a children’s opera based on the award-winning book, Time for Flowers Time For Snow with screenings at City Hall Montreal and Laval, Quebec. His work reflects his interest for the human condition.

Raphael’s interest in design has deepened since he started his job as Project Manager at the creative agency AntiSocial Media Solutions. Overseeing all aspects of content creation and strategy, Raphael has spearheaded the creative direction of his clients’ online materials—from copy to graphics, video and photography.

With a special interest in psychology, design, and innovation, Raphael aspires to further develop his knowledge about how digital products can facilitate social change. Raphael hopes to design products that positively enhance our experience of life.