Fahmida Azad

Nationality: Bangladeshi-American
Area of Expertise: User Experience Design, Advocacy

Fahmida is a third culture kid. She graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Psychology. After graduating, she taught at an elementary school in Palestine and then went onto to work at a national anti-human trafficking crisis hotline in Washington D.C. Her passion & innate curiosity towards understanding human behavior and exploring why we do the things we do led to teaching, to advocacy and has now found a home in design. Before joining CIID, Fahmida worked as an User Experience Designer in New York City, focusing on mobile, tablet and OTT platforms for video-streaming products. She advocates for user centric solutions by bringing the voice and the pain-points of the user to the larger product team. Her passion for connecting with people, listening to and observing people, makes the research work fun and leading the user-testing sessions invigorating. Fahmida is intrigued by the possibilities that exist within the field of design because of the change it can create for societies, pushing people towards the complex through simplicity. She believes in an intersectional lens towards design, a lens that centers the narratives, experiences and expertise of marginalized communities. She believes design practices should be inclusive & thought-provoking. She adores exploring libraries, slicing up ginger to make a perfect cup of cha, and is on a mission to get better at sketching.