Chaeri Bong

Nationality: South Korean
Area of Expertise: Graphic Design

Chaeri is from Seoul and has been living in different countries in Europe, Oceania, and America. With a BFA in Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design with a background in Industrial Design, Chaeri has been working at brand agencies and organizations such as Squat NY, United Nations OCHA, and Ninos de Guatemala.

Her main areas of design are editorial design, branding and typography. While being a part of the Digital Team at OCHA, Chaeri learned the diverse human needs for a wider audience, and felt the need to utilize her design skills for humanitarian purpose, particularly through digital means.

At CIID, Chaeri is hoping to gain exposure to digital tools and methods, learn to program, and to experiment/ test for creative solutions with professionals of different disciplines and experiences.

Chaeri’s mixed background has enriched her creativity and insights into distinct cultural behaviors, norms and issues, which she’s hoping to apply towards tackling human problems. She collects types and enjoys comedy in her free time.