World Radio – Video Interactions

World Radio is an Internet radio that connects listeners around the world by providing a platform for recording and listening to the sounds and voices of regular people in faraway places.

The Video Interactions week required the team to use film as a medium to communicate technical and human interactions with the World Radio through Black Box and Day in the Life videos.

Black Box

To communicate technical interactions with World Radio, the team the took inspiration from the history of technical videos, working with an Eames-era style and aesthetics. Through this process, they learned After Effects illustrations, and explored the “return to analog” aspect of the World Radio concept.

Day in the Life

To illustrate the human interactions of World Radio, the Day in the Life video shows the Denmark’s World Radio phone booth on display. The story follows a single user’s discovery of the phone booth — her moments of delight and surprise, interactions guided by sound instructions, and motivation to engage in the experience.

For the purpose of the video, the team had to readapt the initial phone booth to set it outdoors. In the process, the team learned a lot about the necessities of shooting outdoor with external actors, and the importance of planning shots, scouting locations but also about the constraints it can generate.