Heptagon – Video Interactions

Inside the box

The video uses a single continuous shot to tell the story of how the Heptagon radio was conceived, programmed, and assembled. The concept was to try to emulate something similar to a production line (but in reverse), where the radio would gradually be de-constructed as the video went on, allowing for an interesting visual narrative.

Using a single shot technique required a great deal of organisation and it took 20 takes in order to get the shot right. Due to the ‘behind the scenes’ style to the video, a humorous tone was also implemented, in which what could have been weaknesses in the video were instead used as strengths. A DIY boom mic was made so that the audio levels of the room were balanced well, and the room didn’t feel too large.

In order to convey the necessary information whilst still fitting with the feel of the video, ‘hand drawn’ information is overlaid over the video. The style of the name labels that pop up are also meant to hint at the type of content that the person will be speaking about.


Day in the life

Heptagon radio is a personal radio that encourages exploration of bands playing in your local area during a given week. When you find an artist that you like, the radio will then print out a ticket to go see the band play live.

The passing of time is inherent in the process of listening to music and radio, so challenge when conveying the day in the life of a product, is how to show the transition of week days over the course of the video. This is done through emphasising the tilting function of the radio, in order to show that each side of the radio plays music from a separate day of the week. The aim of the video is to succinctly explain the product to someone who hasn’t come across it before, while showing the product in the environment that it would be used in.