CIID House Radio – Video Interactions

The aim of the Video Interactions class was to tell the story of the product developed during the Physical Computing course. The team divided themselves into two teams to make two different videos: one that shows the CIID House Radio in the context of everyday life, called “A Day in the Life”, and another video about the technology behind the product and its making, called “Breaking the Black Box”.


“A Day in the Life”

In this video, the team shows a typical day at CIID where CIID House members take a ‘Jack’ to record or upload a piece of content of their choice. An announcement is recorded to let everyone know about an upcoming event.  As the day progresses, CIID House Radio fills up with the Jacks, each of which has four minutes of content. The CIID House Radio is placed in the common area, on the first floor of the CIID building so that it is seen by everyone. At 5pm every day, members of the CIID house take a much needed break, and gather downstairs to listen to an hour long user curated program, to get a peek into what everyone else is listening to or wanted to share. The hour long break is not only meant for a refreshing social hour, but also meant to inspire conversations between one another to create a communal atmosphere.


“Breaking the Black Box”

The Black Box video has been made taking different footages of the team designing the product and working on the electronic part and the containing shell, keeping the focus of most of the cuts on the interaction with the Radio and the Jacks. Moreover, the storytelling is entrusted to the voiceover describing the process and the improvements the team wants to achieve in the future.