Click to Unsubscribe!

The Context
As artificial intelligence algorithms evolve, they open up the space to automate and manage everyday problems. Moreover, they do so locally using fairly inexpensive hardware, and without being necessarily connected to a larger internet network. But many AI based algorithms require training on local data for optimal results. This opens up the a new vista for designing trainable tangible user interfaces.

The Concept
Taking inspiration from the ability of popular email products to separate relevant email from junk email, the project sought to examine an analogous manifestation in the physical domain; i.e. for paper mail. Paper mail becomes more obsolete every day. And more and more of the mail we do receive is junk. Click to Unsubscribe is a mailbox spam filter for your physical mail which offers the user the ability to train and separate the good mail from the bad.

How it Works
Its interface uses machine learning and image recognition to determine which pieces of mail you want, and which it can dump directly into the trash. To teach it, you first place your unwanted mail on the platform inside, where it can be seen by the embedded webcam. Then, single-click the “click to unsubscribe” button. The mailbox will analyze the image, and the rotating platform will send it straight to the spam bag. The more you train the mailbox, the better it gets at sorting your mail. Click to Unsubscribe is a project that applies digital literacy to solve a very physical problem. As the internet of things continues to include more and more everyday items, we should get used to these metaphors becoming increasingly common.