Boogie Woogie

As part of our Tangible user interface (TUI) course we were asked to design a device whose behaviour could be “trained” by the end user to be more personal and learn from the user’s behaviour through the use of simple sensors.

After an initial exploration of analyzing daily activities, both at home and at work, we decided to focus on monitoring posture during work. We understood that this was a space where there would be room to learn from the user’s behavior and react to it.

Our final concept, the Boogie Woogie is a trainable, movement-triggered desk system that uses colorful moving blocks to help workers improve their posture and reduce sedentarism throughout their day.

We designed and prototyped different shapes and forms in which this device could capture the user’s posture, learn from it and then return a visual/audible feedback to the user. Ergonomics, organic aesthetics, and clear communication of posture were foundational to our final design.