The Curse

The curse is a 90 second video about a teleportation device, created with the constraints that it had to be within the horror movie genre, and that it had to feature a 5 seconds of a team member singing a ‘jingle’ about the teleportation device. The focus was on understanding what effect genre, motifs and cliches had on how you tell a story. In the video the protagonist starts to be followed by a dark figure after he picks up and starts to use an old piece of paper he finds on the street, which turns out to grant the powers of teleportation when you sing the rhyme written on the paper.

The team incorporated the ‘jingle’ into the video through translating it into the trope of the ‘creepily sung nursery rhyme’ trope seen often in horror movies. Another constraint was that the teleportation device had to be an A4 piece of paper. In accordance with the haunted motif, the paper was made to look like an ancient manuscript.

A set of Instagram stories were also made to go along with the video, these expanded on the backstory of the manuscript, and also used the nursery rhyme motif to string the story together through each image.