Telescape is a 60-second video depicting the use of a teleportation device to explore elements of storytelling. The team used a repetition montage to show the passing of time and tropes from the romantic comedy genre to create a “perfect date” setting. The sudden redirection has the character who appeared to be the protagonist flip unexpectedly, building a tension to demonstrate the need for the other character to use her teleportation device and get out of the awkward situation. One constraint was that the device had to fit on an A4 sheet of paper. The paper can be seen folded in the main character’s pocket, showing that this device can be used anywhere at any time.

Teledistort is a 90-second video showing a “parental control” companion app to Teleport. In this case, the team had to create a video catered to kids, which also had to include a 10 second scene of continuous on-screen laughter. The setting and storyline shifted from the original teleport video to make the concept more relatable to a younger audience. The reliance on repetitions, sound effects rather than dialogue and overly exaggerated facial expressions worked to create a style of humor often seen in cartoons. Once again redirection was used, this time to set up a nice learning opportunity for children at the end of the video.