Spacetime Binging

Through looking at one of the potential uses of a teleportation device: binge drinking, Beer Teleportation explores the process behind storytelling in a video format. The video uses repetition and the redirection of expectation in order to heighten the humour and to drive the story forward. Due to the absurd nature of the concept, the team decided to lean into the silliness even further, with the teleportation locations becoming more and more improbable as the video develops.

The focus of the project was how to plan, make, and tell a succinct story in such a short space of time (60 seconds). This was carried out through implementing tools such as storyboarding, timeframing, and on-sight improvisation during the filming. One of the main problems, and therefore also the most significant learning, was the importance of clear storyboarding, and then also sticking to that storyboard while out filming the actual video.