Reset & Letter from God

Storytelling – the course – exposed the team to key techniques of storytelling through video.

The first brief required exploring interactions of a teleportation device and depicting a scenario in which the main character would need to use the device. “Reset” strings together a sequence of events in which the main character finds solace from stressful life situations by teleporting to an environment in which she feels relaxed. Concept exploration included context setup, redirection of audience expectations, and use of camera angles and sounds to achieve the desired effect.

For the second brief, the team explored how to tell stories when working with constraints – a soap opera genre and the film being made in only one shot. A variety of different tools were implemented – practice shoots, storyboarding, role-playing – to solidify concept ideas before shooting, saving significant time in the editing process. “Letter from God” is a science fiction short film that depicts a woman trapped in the tight clutch of her husband’s mother. In her grief, a benevolent Almighty comes to her rescue.