Genre Jumper

#1 Buy Teleportation

What’s the first little problem you would solve with teleportation? In this video, the team explores the classic problem of being late in the morning and how your morning could be improved with a little teleportation in your life.

#2 Genre Jumper

Genres are a powerful storytelling device, each comes embedded with a unique signature of patterns and archetypes. For the brief, the team was assigned the genre of action and required to use teleportation. The action genre is well-loved and widely consumed, from massive superhero franchises to the classics of Bond and Mission Impossible – there is no shortage of inspiration to take from (perhaps a little too much inspiration!).

The team decided to apply the magic of teleportation in a new way, instead of jumping through space or time, we move from one beloved action movie to the next. A pool of quintessential action movies were compiled and detailed storyboards were drawn out – outlining each shot. Paying homage to the genre of action on a no-budget set can be challenging, the storyline was carefully laid out to capture the tension and thrill of “action” without the luxury of stunt actors or CGI.