Permission Granted

Permission Granted is an educational experience that uses experimental buttons and digital sounds to inspire participants to explore their sense of touch with a childlike abandon. The experience was designed by Varenya, Mantas and Juliana during the week-long Sensory Design course led by Yasaman Cheri. The team was inspired by the way children explore everyday surfaces with a sense of wonder, and troubled by the realization that adults don’t grant themselves permission to explore the tactile world with the same freedom. Everyday behaviors are often expressions of social norms around what is “allowed” and “appropriate.” “Permission Granted” was born out of a desire to create a more playful context for exploring touch outside of the everyday.

Permission Granted participants activate sounds by playing with three buttons. They activate the first button by dipping a hand into a jar of textured slime; the second by petting a ball of fur; and the third by squeezing a silicone toy filled with plastic balls. The buttons are connected to digital sounds through the same I-PAC keyboard encoder, though each button’s circuit is built with a range of materials.