ORAL is intimate. Intimacy is core to our health and human experience. Not all of us have access to this fundamental need – many lack the time, ability, money or luck. ORAL distills key intimate experiences, such as sex, into accessible gustatory immersion kits.

Our carefully engineered kits require no set up and no uncomfortable human interaction and are 100% plant-based and certified organic. At ORAL, we believe everyone deserves a intimate experience as rich and immersive as the real thing – ORAL is affordable and can be found with select retailers or delivered straight to your door.

This is a provocation to question the Blue Aprons, care/of and especially the soylents of silicon valley. Are they making our lives better, worse? These are services and products already out there that help automate “basic human necessities” like food and nutrition.

These products often make human experiences more convenient but don’t necessarily make our lives all that much better. Yet, there is no denying there is a real need – people do lack time, ability, etc to “have the real thing.” The rise of these types of products espouses the Silicon Valley idea of lynch pinning. This idea that you can make your whole life better if you make some X task better or easier.

We feel like that as a society, we are finding out that is not always true. There is a value in the real thing that cannot be mocked. ORAL is meant to be an extreme expression of that sort of lynch pinning, while still having real function, real intrigue (though that’s not too hard with sex) and a real sensory experience.