We all live our lives at different paces and frequencies. At the same time, it is quite incredible to see how synchronization works in nature. Things working at different frequencies when kept in close proximity to each other tend to synchonize over time generating harmonious results.

In this project, the team was trying to bring a sense of synchronization among a group of people. By analyzing the heartbeat and breathing we can know the stress level and anxiety of a person. The team decided to work with breathing as it is a consciously controllable action. Synchronised breathing is also one of the main aspects of yoga and meditation which claims to increase focus and lower stress.

BRYDM is a smart device that senses the breathing pattern of an individual with the help of a sound sensor and generates a note according to it. Multiple people can sit in a space and use it at a time to experience the synchronous breathing. BRYDM can be a useful tool for people working in teams where they need to be in sync with the other team members.

Just breathe in and breathe out!