WhyDie Bootcamp

For the third project of Rapid Experience Prototyping week, the class was asked to explore the future of augmented intelligence.

The medium used to iterate and present this concept was the podcast, allowing the class to explore how a design may be represented by sound alone.

Extinction Tomorrow is a podcast set in a dystopian future where the earth is nearing its catastrophic end. This episode is an interview with the founder of WhyDie Bootcamp, a sensory conditioning training program. At WhyDie, people develop a sixth sense via a microchip implant.

The implant provides sensory feedback after it detects environmental changes; for example, the chip may heat up if a fire is near, or provide haptic feedback to indicate radiation levels.

The ability to detect previously undetectable weather phenomena enables enrollees to sense imminent natural disasters, so they may have time to find safety when the doomsday comes.