The Future of Josh: Augmenting Labour

Augmenting Labour using machine intelligence is a topic with a lot of potential for designers. In a world where companies and people are expecting even greater productivity from already busy workers, augmented intelligence can play a big role in enhancing the productivity of the worker whether they are physically present or not.

We imagine an intelligent system that learns the general preferences, schedules, skill sets of individual workers and is able to use this information to help fill gaps in project management, allocating resources and matching timelines to make a workspace function more seamlessly. It is a form of ambient intelligence that is listening in and analyzing your workspace conversations and interactions. Moreover, it captures and analyzes data from your office calendar, Slack, Trello, and other work sharing programs to make the best use of it for the company. At an individual level, it extends the presence of worker on a limited basis even when they are physically not present.

As part of the Rapid Experience Prototyping class, several tools were introduced to help designers quickly prototype concepts and learn from them. For ‘The future of Josh’, role-playing was used to personify the intelligent system and its interaction with various office members.