TAi is an AI home and classroom educational tool for children and educators. Recognizing that children absorb, learn and understand knowledge in different ways, this device takes note of which activities a child enjoys and learns best from, naturally, outside of the classroom, and then aids an educator in presenting materials in a similar format inside the classroom. This not only provides children with custom materials to keep them engaged and curious, it also diminishes the perception that there is a hierarchy between different learning styles.

The topic for this day-long Rapid Experience Prototyping project was augmented labor. The team reflected on how augmenting labor goes far beyond simply automating labor. The brainstorming session led to focusing on how to create a more connected learning environment for both teachers and pupils, with the understanding that for many educators, catering personally to each child’s learning modality is not only difficulty, but often times impossible.

The team took the concept of TAi and created a low-fidelity video prototype to understand the experience and context of the device. Prototyping a concept through acting, script writing and shooting a video was a powerful way to understand how the product exists in the everyday life of its target audience.