Preso Trainer

Preso Trainer is a chatbot designed to help people improve their public speaking skills through casual dialogue. It keeps track of when a user has a speech coming up and prompts them to prep together. Preso Trainer requests for audio uploads of each parts of the presentation being performed and examines audio then gives feedback about what could be improved for the final presentation. It looks out for common mistakes such as speaking too fast and repeating words.

After the presentation day, Preso Trainer will follow up and see how it all went by asking a series of simple questions. Preso Trainer uses this information to know what should be the focus for the next training session.

Preso Trainer finds new ways to use chatbots to augment conversations, helping people to be better at expressing themselves. By removing the notion that chatbots need to be based on pure text, Preso Trainer allows for a more personal connection when practicing for something such as public speaking even when the only device available is a smartphone.

The chatbot concept was created in one day as a rapid prototyping experiment exploring the potential of Artificial Intelligence under the brief of Augmenting Conversations. For the purpose of the presentation, a simulation of the main use case was recorded using a screen capture and a dummy Whatsapp conversation between members of the team. An intense training music was added to put an emphasis on the bots personality.