Moebius is a holographic device that allows choreographers to explore dance moves, record & edit them and teach them to their students.

The choreographer twists Moebius with both hands to turn it on and walks around the room to calibrate it to the space. She sets it down opposite a mirror, and sets it to the Record mode. The hologram manifests in its default sleep mode. Sensing her movements, the hologram generates its own unique response. The hologram may provide the choreographer with a cue for her next movement.

Once she’s done, she picks up the device and flips it to Playback mode. This triggers a holographic display of the session that was just recorded. She can cycle through the different movements in the session and select certain dance moves and edit them. Then she can save it to her library. At the lesson where she’s teaching her students, with a gesture, the hologram is projected on to each student. As the students practice the dance, they can now align their posture and movement with the guidance of the hologram.