Memory Store

Memory Store is a podcast episode—a one-day project—assigned with the task of simulating a futuristic world by which knowledge can be augmented through Artificial Intelligence.

For their podcast, the team came up with the concept of a dystopian marketplace. Within it, people can sell their negative memories to other people. Conversely, people can buy positive memories from those who wish to sell them.

The team was given a set of constraints to work within. For instance, the episode had to explain the concept in detail, how it works, and how the user felt while using the service. Additionally, the podcast could not be longer than 3.5 minutes—a constraint that forced the team to strip unnecessary dialogue and include only vital information.

The team undertook a quick and iterative process to produce the episode. Each team member wrote the script for their respective roles in the episode—and from there, they pieced it all together.

The objective of Memory Store is to show how ideas for products or services can come to light when a compelling story is created around them.