Memory Keeper

Memory Keeper is a service designed to track and store significant memories so they can be accessed at a later date once you have left the world. It opens up new opportunities in learning about the past by being able to experience the memories of significant individuals, whether they be close relatives or important public figures.

Memory Keeper relies on Stimulate™, a microprocessor based technology which implants into a person’s limbic system to gain access to memories. By subscribing to Memory Keeper’s services, a person is monitored for physiological changes to spot when significant events are occurring. These events are logged and sent to the Memory Keeper’s servers for preservation. Later on, family members and authorized Memory Keeper subscribers can access these saved memories to experience the life of the individual.

Memory Keeper addresses issues of privacy in a digital age where the most personal information can be controlled by private entities. By conceptualizing the service in the near future, it allowed the team to think through ethical topics brought up by the product. Taking these ideas and pushing them in an extreme, but not completely far-fetched, direction was an exercise in how technology can be more conscious of the ways data is used for the greater good while still being profitable.

The service is featured in an episode of In Our Times, a podcast presenting new ideas in tech. The team wrote the script for all characters in the show and discussed what issues were important to address in a one minute segment of audio.