Data is informing a new age of design, in which data-driven experiences will be embedded in virtually every facet of life. As designers it is our responsibility to humanize those experiences between us and AI services and products. Designing for augmented intelligence requires deep understanding of relevant issues to solve for, and providing that solution in an empathetic and natural manner to the user.

In rapid experience prototyping, the goal for the team was to ideate, prototype and test quickly for specific use-case scenarios. In exploring augmented conversations, the team pinpointed a specific problem that many freelance creatives face — juggling relationships between clients and negotiating the terms and conditions of payment. Often times, following up with clients, reminding them about promised payments and managing delays or debates requires a lot of time and causes a lot of frustration.

MadMax is a smart chatbot which facilitates the dialogue between a freelance creative and clients by making sure that deadlines and contracts are honored in a timely manner. MadMax is the creative’s personal assistant, friend and manager — who ensures an easy relationship with the user through its unique personality traits. The chatbot uses a blunt and candid tone when texting with the user about the status of a client relationship, but uses a professional tone when communicating with the client via email

The team had to be mindful of how quickly the chatbot is responding and how it handles unexpected scenarios so that the user is able to create a sense of trust with the interface.