Home Smart Home

The goal of this project was to design and quickly prototype an AI experience in a short span of 5 hours, in the specific context of augmenting conversations. The project was to showcase the various features of the AI in a 2-min video.

Home Smart Home is a chat assistant for internet connected kitchen appliances. Each appliance comes with a unique personality and assists the user along various stages of its usage. The user starts by adding the chat ID of the required appliance to the Home Smart Home group to begin interaction.

The chat personality works as a user manual by explaining to the user how it is operated. It also provides the user with appropriate recipe recommendations including video URLS, based on what ingredients are currently available with the user. It records and learns user habits regarding appliance usage. In case of troubleshooting, it guides the user through a step-by-step process and provides assistance along the way. Any feedback from the user is also recorded and sent to the respective manufacturers of the appliances.