Frame By Frame – Augmenting Creativity

Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and valuable is formed. As a species, only humans can imagine and differentiate between their reality and imagination. In the filmmaking industry, directors and writers apply their creativity by stitching together a series of carefully crafted stories which culminates into a production shared on the big screen. Storyboarding is a key element in this process which not only dictates the flow of content on the screen, but also cultivates the overall experience intended for the audience.

Would it be helpful if storyboarding was done with colleagues or a machine which makes the filmmaker’s work easier and faster? What if AI could assist creative professionals to enhance their exploration process?

During a course in Rapid Experience Prototyping, this was the topic which the team wanted to explore—augmented creativity. The team designed Frame By Frame – a real-time storyboarding tool for filmmakers and scriptwriters which provides suggestions and interpretations of initial scripts real-time.

The script of the film is placed on the surface of the machine which is accessible by the user’s palm touch. It then displays the storyboard in the order of the script. If the script writer wants changes on a particular frame or needs suggestion by their colleague, they could do so instantly with their voice or a simple touch and save the changes. This enables a scriptwriter to iterate quickly, visualizing different versions of their story and enhancing the creative process by allowing the story-boarder to uncover meaningful interpretations faster.