Eiji – Evolutive Design

Eiji is a plug-in for 3D design software using artificial intelligence to help designers find inspiration from nature for their designs.

To use Eiji, the user first selects a part of their model that they want to improve and inputs their design goals in the plug-in. The A.I. then suggests a selection of inspiration extracted directly from nature. After picking a source of inspiration derived from nature, the designer can explore the different ways their design could mimic specific attributes of the living organism selected.

In its suggestions, Eiji generates solutions that takes direct inspiration from the designer’s input. A single source of inspiration can result in many different outcomes, so it is possible to continually challenge the program to generate new solutions until a satisfying proposition is illustrated.

Moreover, when the designer sees something they like, they can be offered more solutions that adopt a similar approach to meet the goals but rely on a different source of inspiration. In doing so, Eiji lets designers do creative leaps that could land them on unexpected sources of inspiration.

Through this process, Eiji is also able to better understand the desires of the designer, allowing it to make suggestions closer to their intentions.