BFF: Augmented Creativity

How might artificial Intelligence augment human creativity ? As part of the class, the team examined this through the lens of everyday human activities like cooking, learning, art etc.

BFF explores a future where the AI (called BFF) becomes part of your everyday cooking process. It recognizes what ingredients are available with you at the time of cooking. It also understands and analyses your daily eating habits, schedules and dietary restrictions. Based on these constraints, it suggests new food recipes and combinations, thereby directing you to become a better cook and a healthier individual. BFF is imagined as an interactive projection system, that projects on the cooking platform and assists as you cook your everyday meals.

As part of the Rapid Experience Prototyping class, several tools were introduced to help designers quickly prototype concepts and learn from them. For BFF, a combination of paper-prototyping, role-playing and videos were used to express the experience of the cooking with the AI. In the video, you can see how the AI, represented by hands, guides the user through the process of cooking dinner.