AX-L Podcast

In the far future, humans are facing an information overload – students spend more years in school than at work trying to keep up to date with the ever burgeoning pool of knowledge. Having the time to stay in school for so long is a luxury that only the upper class can afford – driving an even more dramatic wage gap in society. Ax-L is a revolutionary technology that applies brain-computer interface technology to make knowledge acquisition as simple as downloading a file on your computer. The platform is user supported – subscriptions to Ax-L directly support academic institutions that generate the discoveries and knowledge that is downloaded seamlessly into the brain.

Ax-L was a one day, speculative design prototype generated from four rounds of rapid fire improvisation in response to the brief of Augmenting Knowledge. The goal of the project was to record a minute long podcast that dropped the listener into the world of Ax-L and explained the concept and interaction of the augmentation device.