AI-Ball is a one day project created during the Rapid Experience Prototyping week. Students were asked to explore how AI can be used to augment knowledge through a podcast medium.

AI-Ball is a vision enhancement tool for learners and creative thinkers. It is an eyeball that is surgically inserted into the socket. At two blinks of an eye, AI-Ball is powered. It then uses computer vision to augment objects in sight, and connects the user’s recent learnings with objects in their field of vision. For example, if the user is learning statistics and visits the grocery store, AI-Ball enriches what they see with facts like the average size of an apple, or how many bananas are thrown away per day.

To clarify how the product works, the team role-played between being the company founders who invented AI-Ball and the target audience. This exercise clarified the details of the concept. Additionally, the team relied on sound effects and varied dialogue between founders and product users to build the story around the AI-Ball and make it feel tangible to the audience.