Sunny days are rare in Denmark, so when the sun comes out, it’s important to make the most out of it. Knowing about the sun’s whereabouts throughout the day can be essential information to survive the long winter, but this knowledge is not one that can be found anywhere, it’s rather uncovered by serendipity or from an insider offering to share a favorite sunny spot.

Suncatcher is not a regular kind of weather app, it’s the kind that’s only useful when the sun is out. When the conditions allow it, the app helps you to find sunny spots around you, giving you a new lens to discover your city. Enjoy a warm break in the light by pointing your Suncatcher to one of the locations appearing on your screen and receive the route to your sunny gateway!

Created in a one week sprint, the app was prototyped through rapid iterations using Origami and Sketch. Inspired by a radar, the Suncatcher is built around a signature interaction that uses the accelerometer and the gyroscope of the iPhone. Using the app let someone interact with the city in a playful way, engaging the entire body in a sun dance as the device is pointed towards mysterious sunny spots around the city.