Since the beginning of time we have looked to the heavens to find meaning. Stars have been responsible for religions, calendars, tides, constellations, and perhaps most importantly, weather. Appearing daily in newspapers, notoriously hard to predict – the zodiac and weather have more in common than meets the eye.

To acknowledge this inextricable relationship between star signs and weather, I have integrated weather into a daily horoscope app. The inclusion of weather to the horoscopes contextualises your fate within the current temperatures and conditions in order to provide you with thoroughly holistic predictions of your future.

The weather forecasts include the current temperature, but the conditions are predicted only on a daily basis – in alignment with the schedule of the stars. The app will only provide the weather of your current location, as locations any more specific would be celestially negligible. The Horoscopes app serves to remind us that our fault is, in fact, in our stars.