World Radio

World Radio is an Internet radio that connects listeners around the world by providing a platform for recording and listening to the sounds and voices of regular people in faraway places. World Radio is a physical place: phone booths in country capitals around the world are converted into freestanding stations. Visitors can listen to booth stations in other countries, or add their own voice to their home country station.

A motion-activated ringing phone will prompt passersby to step into a booth stations. Upon picking up the phone, visitors will receive an audio introduction to World Radio and instructions for how to dial countries or add their voices to their country’s station. For example, in the New Delhi booth, visitors can dial 0 to add their voice to India’s station, or dial any country code to listen.

The team brought the World Radio concept to life with a prototype of the Denmark Booth. An arduino board was installed in a rotary phone, connecting the mechanical action of dialing a country code with pre-recorded radio stations from Denmark, India and South Korea.

The physical booth prototype, inspired by Denmark’s first 24-hour ‘telefonboks’ (1934, Jens Ingerwesen), was built using foam core and spray paint. The radio content aimed to reflect the collage of voices, ambient noises, and other sounds that defines the World Radio experience.