Systems for Humanity

Systems of Humanity (SOH) is a people-centered research project that was run in February 2018. The SOH team endeavored to understand patterns (in psychology, physiology and environments) that correlate with positive/negative outlooks in COPD patients.

Over the course of two weeks, several key insights were generated from six hours of interview with industry professionals from emergency response persons to doctors and rehabilitation nurses. From those insights, two opportunity arose – the first of which was to build systems that brought humans with COPD together with Humans that can help and the second of which was to use technology to smartly redistribute our doctors and nurses time. The structure of COPD management and recovery is build on three foundations of support, guidance and empowerment.

SOH conceptualized two post-treatment/rehabilitation platforms. The first named Week13, to provide a platform to structure and support a grassroots post-rehabilitation training program and the second, The Doctors Digest, which leverages machine learning to grasp patterns in COPD data and prioritizes at-risk patients to doctors/nurses.